miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014

8AM does weird things to you.

So it’s 8:52AM and I woke up at like 6:00 or something and I’ve been reading this things which led me to think about my past relationships even if it's friends or more. So I guess I still remember all of them in the sense that I know who their persona is, even though i kinda forgot most of the people I met when I was younger and Its all a big blurr now like its hard to me to get faces still but okay anyway I still remember the people I had emotional bonds with. And its funny to think how I sometimes thought to myself like “fuck i really love this person and ill never stop loving this person and ill always care about this person” but years later one of them is making completely different things or on a completely different country or like some people i dont even know if they still are like alive like seriously, those kind of relationships i didnt really appreciate much i guess but its complicated for me to think because i feel like maybe im saying that because im living 2014 now and maybe recent things are more important but i really feel like THOSE relationships just weren’t and its not like i dont take anything good from them like I learn from people I meet Which i cant not appreciate, ever. So you grow up and youre not friends with the person who's closer you only associate yourself with people you truly think you’re gonna like hang out and be friends or be together with because if not whats the point of it? Maybe im being like too serious about it maybe i should just keep having little irrelevant things but i dont really need it, so idk but yes idk why i was thinking about this.

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