miércoles, 14 de mayo de 2014


Okay, so this really fucked up with my mind just now, and it made me really uncomfortable and I don’t know what’s happening with my head so I need to throw it out, so basically just now I was enjoying the lovely piece of bed I own. And I was like, watching youtube videos, I was watching english and afrikaan youtube videos so I was like idk enjoying it and whatever and then i see on the sidebar this ‘chilean video’ And I clicked on it. 
And all of the sudden it was a whole different language, like it went from akricaan to spanish and I stopped it for a little bit and realised my brain understood both of them languages perfectly, just like idk it’s so weird to me that this people are talking and saying stuff I listen with my ears and then I understand them in my brain like, it’s not a language I was ever familiar with but now it is and even as I’m typing this I don’t understand how I got familiar with this language or how I got familiar with spanish IT’S SO FUCKING WEIRD, HOW DO PEOPLE UNDERSTAND LANGUAGES LIKE WTF 

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