jueves, 19 de junio de 2014


There's like something dark in me that I can't really escape of. I wish I could but it keeps coming back when every single part of my body knows I don't really want it, it keeps tracking me and going through me when I least expect it almost as if it was funny. 
I tend to really react to what happens to me depending if im stressed, or happy, or sad, or overwhealmed I know what happens to me and I get over it but this feeling I have it's like when everything goes wrong and you just want to throw yourself in a wide river and wait to see where it takes you, even though sometimes nothing is really happening. 
I can be just sitting in my room, reading tumblr and it hits me, and I don't want it to hit me anymore
I'm so tired of feeling this way and so tired of being rude and stupid to people I really care of, and no one seems to get it.
what if it goes on forever. 
Anyway, whatever. 

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